Top Places to Earn Extra Money

If you need some extra money, then you may wonder where you can earn it. It could be that you need to repay a loan, want to build up your savings or just want to make sure you can cover all of your expenses each month. However, earning extra money can seem really difficult, but there are things that you can do to get extra. It is therefore worth looking at these suggestions or thinking of other ways that could help you.

In your current job

There might be opportunities for you to be able to earn more money in your current job. This could be the easiest way to get a bit more and so it is worth reviewing. Firstly, you might be able to get a pay rise. The way that pay rises are calculated changes from company to company and so you will need to think about whether it is something that you will be able to sort out or not. It will depend on how pay rises work in your company as well as whether you have recently had one or not. It may be that you will have to apply for a promotion in order to get more money in a more advanced role. Again, this will depend on what you do, whether there are vacancies and whether you have the right training and/or qualifications to do the job. It may also be possible to work more hours to get more money in. This will again depend on your employer but also on whether you are flexible in the amount of time that you can spare to work as well.

In a second job

If you have the spare time then it could be worth getting a second job if you cannot work more hours in the one that you have. You may be able to pick up weekend or evening work alongside what you are doing, if you are working conventional hours. If you are working shifts, then it could be possible for you to get other shift work from a different employer to do alongside what you are already doing. Obviously, you will need lots of spare time to be able to fit in these extra hours so you will have to decide whether this is something that you will be able to cope with. However, it could be that a few hours in an evening or a weekend morning will be enough to give you the extra money that you need.

Doing freelance work

Freelance work is rather more ad hoc and this could be better in some ways. If you have limited free time then you may be able to fit a bit in when you can. This is a more flexible way of working and therefore might be more suitable. It might be that you can do some temping or some other freelance jobs occasionally and earn a bit of extra money that way. You may also be able to find some freelance work online too if you look. There will be insecurity with this sort of work as it is not guaranteed but if you are just looking to top up your income then it could be very useful.

Work from home

If you have children that you need to stay home for or anyone else to care for or cannot cope with doing work outside of the home, then working from home could be a way to earn some extra money. There are more work from home jobs than you might think, but you will need to have a method of deciding what to do. You will find that you cannot just go to a normal job agency and find a work form home job very easily, so you will have to search yourself. The best way to do this is to look online. You will find that there are lots of opportunities for jobs and you will need to think about the ones that will suit your skills. You will see that there are all sorts of freelance jobs available for those that can write, program or design and so this can be a good place to start if you have these skills. Alternatively, you will find that there are lots of jobs which you can do that do not need many skills such as answering surveys or watching videos. These jobs will not pay a great deal, but you may not mind as they will still provide some income and they will also be fun to do. You will tend to be paid below the minimum wage as you will be competing with workers form all over the world. However, they can still provide some extra income which could make a significant difference to you and your finances.

How to Reduce the Cost of your Families Mobile Phones

Mobile phones never used to be a concern for families as when they first came out they tended to only be issued by companies and be used for business purposes. However, now they are commonplace and it is likely that most adults and older children will all have a phone. With those phones come costs, such as the cost of the phones themselves and the contracts or pay as you go costs too. These can really add up, particularly if you are a big family and you may even find yourself borrowing money to pay for it, so it is good to have a think about how to keep those costs down.

Do not always have the latest phones

It can be so tempting to keep updating your phone. If you have children, then you can use them as a way of justifying doing this as well, by telling yourself that if you pass your old phone to them then they can gain from you getting a new phone too. However, you need to be really honest with yourself and think about whether you really need the latest phone. Before the phones hit the shelves, they are already out of date with regards to the technology, so you will never be able to keep up. You will also have the problem of many of the updates being features that you will not use anyway. So, be careful and do not give in to the marketing. Make sure the phone you have does what you need it to rather than what you want and that you are not fooled into thinking you need functions on it that you do not really need.

Use wi-fi and free messenger services at home

If you have broadband at home then make sure that you make use of the wi-fi on your phones. Not only should you make sure that you are always using the home broadband that you have already paid for, but that you try to minimise calls and text messages when in the home too. You should be able to use messenger apps instead which you can send using the broadband. You may have free calls, data and texts for your phone on your contract, but try to save them for when you are out and about. If you can reduce them significantly then you might be able to reduce your contract to a cheaper one or go onto pay as you go instead, which can be cheaper if you use the phone minimally.

Decide whether land line is necessary

If you have a landline phone at home, then it is worth deciding whether it is really necessary. You will be paying a line rental charge as well as call charges for it. It is good to find out exactly how much you are paying. Then work out whether, if you swapped to making calls on mobile phones instead, perhaps making use of free calls you are allocated, this could be cheaper. Obviously, you will need to consider the cost to people that call you. If you have a lot of people call you on the landline, they may not like the idea that they might have to pay more money to call you if they can only contact you on a mobile. However, you might be able to use online free calling apps or video calls on your phone with them instead.

See if you can get a family deal

If there are lots of you all using the same phone company, it might be possible for you to get a family deal. Even if you cannot do this, then all being with the same company could be handy as it is likely that it will be cheaper for you to contact each other if you are with the same provider. It is worth looking into this and seeing whether you could get the costs down. If you cannot do this then perhaps setting a phone budget within the family could help you all to make sure that you are not spending more than you can afford. You may have to sit the children down and explain carefully why this is necessary.

Make the children pay for their own

If things are getting too pricey then it might be a good idea to get the children to pay for their own phones. This could mean that you take some money from their pocket money to pay for it or you make them pay for it out of their wages. It will obviously depend on the age of the child. If they are old enough for a phone, then it is likely that they are old enough to get pocket money. If you do not give them pocket money, then it can be a good idea to make them do some jobs around the house to pay you for the phone costs.