Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (Bristol CCG) makes sure the right health services are in the right places through out the City. 

What are Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)?

Clinical Commissioning Groups are statutory bodies that report to NHS England.  They are led by GP practices and they make sure the right services are commissioned for the people in Bristol.  CCGs replaced Primary Care Trusts (PCT) after the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was passed.

Health and Wellbeing Board

To make sure Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group and Bristol City Council work together to commission the right services the Health and Wellbeing Board was created.  Together they have formed the Health and Wellbeing Strategy which looks at how they can address local health and care needs (identified through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). 

Services for disabled children and young people

A range of services are commissioned to meet the needs of disabled children and young people.  These include GP Practices, Hospitals and Community Children's Health Partnership (CCHP).



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