Inclusive Play Project Bridging Workers


We believe that all disabled children and young people should have the opportunity to access inclusive youth and play activities, alongside their non-disabled peers, wherever possible. Disabled children and young people, and their parent/carers, should have access to any community-based activities where they live, and have the right to take part in their community as anyone else would. The Equalities Act requires service providers, which includes youth and play activities, to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled children and young people to access the services that they provide.

The Inclusive Youth and Play Project has been set up to support the above aim.

Bridging Workers can help to identify short breaks for your child or young person within mainstream community clubs and settings (e.g brownies, holiday clubs, youth and play provision) and work with these settings to enable them to develop their inclusive practice and meet the specific requirements of your child.

As part of this service we may be able to provide play settings with:

  • Advice and signposting for anything that may make it easier for the setting to include a particular child or develop their inclusive practice e.g.: resources, training, equipment, transport, expert advice.

  • Short term funding for children who may need some extra support whilst they settle in and regular staff get to know about their needs.

  • Funding for 1:1 support for the small number of disabled children who may need ongoing personal assistance to meet their specific requirements.

Through the Short Break Health Service, a joint venture between Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol, we can provide free, high level training to staff to enable them to meet the individual needs of more children and young people with additional and complex health needs