Writing down what everyone will do to support a child or young person to do well.

Educational setting based plan

The principle underpinning the SEND Reforms is that SEN Support Plans should be in place for young people whose needs are being met within the graduated response process. These plans are multi-agency plans and they are non-statutory. They need to involve all agencies whose input or support is contributing to the child or young person’s educational  development.

Non Statutory Plans are non-legal documents.  In the context of special educational needs in Bristol, SEN Support Plans are non statutory plans.  There is no legal test for an SEN Support plan; anyone can have one if it is thought to be appropriate.  SEN Support plans should be followed.

Statutory Plans are legal documents.  In the context of special educational needs  Education, Health and Care plans are statutory plans. What is written in an Education, Health and Care plan must be followed and there is a legal test to decide whether an Education, Health and Care plan is appropriate for a child or young person.


A plan will have a number of sections, as follows:

  • An outline of the child or young person’s strengths,
  • An outline of the identified special educational needs, including relevant assessment
  • information,
  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time related) targets/ outcomes,
  • Specific actions to achieve the targets/ outcomes,
  • Specific resources identified to carry out the actions, and details of people and
  • services involved,
  • An evaluation process.


Future planning for a child or young person who has a range of professionals involved may require a Multi- Agency Meeting to help plan the level of support required and strategies/interventions required both within the home and educational setting. Schools and Colleges may call these plans different things as part of their graduated approach.  This can be recorded within an Individual Education Plan and/or a Support Plan/ Non Statutory Education, Health and Care Plan. Colleges use the College Annual Review form.


Support plans and provision maps

A provision map shows what a setting has available for their students. It is written by the setting considering the existing pupils across the setting and the resources available to meet their needs taking into account best practice and the resources available to the school. A provision map will identify interventions available and is costed at school age.


An individual support plan will identify the aspects of the provision map that will be accessed by a child of young person. There will be occasions when an individual requires interventions that are not within the provision map. In that situation the appropriate bespoke arrangements should be made and identified on the individual support plan/ Non-Statutory Education, Health, Care Plan/ Individual Education Plan.



3.1  Individual Education Plan - Early Years

3.2 Individual Education Plan Monitoring Sheet - Early Years

3.3 Individual Education Plan Summary and Review Sheet - Early Years

3.4  Model Individual Provision Map - Schools

3.5  Support Plan - Early Years and Schools

3.6  Support Plan - Colleges

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