Admissions for children with Statement or EHCP is organised by the Special Educational Needs team, including placement at mainstream or specialist schools or resource bases. A child or young person needs to have a final EHCP or Statement in order to attend specialist provision. Please discuss with your educational setting if you feel that your child needs a specialist placement. If your child is going through a statutory assessment this process will end with naming a school on the final statement or EHCP, and during the assessment the assessment co-ordinator will ask you what type of school and what particular school you would like. They will consult that school to see if it can meet your child’s needs. They may also consult other schools.


If your child is still going through an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment at the time that you need to identify a school please apply for a mainstream school through the Admissions on-line process, but also let your assessment co-ordinator know your preference (mainstream or specialist provision).


In planning places for Key Stage Transfer the SEN team updates the main Admissions team weekly and the Admissions team will be made aware that your child is having an assessment. When the final EHCP is issued, the admissions team are informed of where the child will attend. This process ensures that children have a school place while the statutory assessment is being finished. It also ensures that a school place is identified for the occasional case where a statutory assessment does not result in an EHCP.


Very occasionally, the Local Authority may agree to provide a place at a special school for a child who is going through an assessment. For example if a child moves from another country and so does not have an EHCP, but the LA agrees that they would clearly require specialist provision.


Parents are advised to visit schools in planning for their child’s Key Stage Transfer, and to discuss any possible request for specialist school early, so that early planning and proper transition can help the child to settle in their new school.


Occasionally a school placement is sought by SEN for your child at other times for example if you request at the annual review a different school. As in the above processes, the SEN team will consider your request and will consult that school for a place as described in these chapters.

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