When the initial draft has been written by the SEN Assessment Coordinator from the Appendices received, The Local Authority decides whether or not to agree to issue a Statutory Education, Health and Care Plan based on the information provided.

If it is agreed that a Statutory EHCP should be issued then the initial draft becomes a Draft EHCP and will be sent to parent/carers and or young person with the appendices gathered during the EHC Needs Assessment.

If the Local Authority’s decision is to not issue a Statutory Education Health and Care Plan the SEN Assessment Coordinator will contact the parent/carer/young person and setting to advise them of the decision. They will also be advised to hold a meeting to transfer the information from the intial draft into a Support Plan and to discuss ways to support the child/young person.

Find out about support plans and provision maps.

They are also signposted to Global Mediation, which parents must consider before making an appeal to the Tribunal.

Find out about mediation and tribunals.



13.1 Preparing for Adulthood Requests for Independent Non-Maintained/Independent Specialist Provision.

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If you are a young person, parent or carer and you think you might need some further information, advice or support contact Supportive Parents, Bristol's SEND Information, Advice and Support service.  For information and support through the EHCP process contact KIDS, Bristol's Independent Support Service.


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