The SEN Assessment Coordinator will make contact with all professional which are actively involved with the child or young person’s education, health and social care needs asking for a detailed assessment report, known as an Appendix giving them 6 weeks to respond (by week 12 from the request for an EHC need assessment).  A professional is actively involved if they are working with a child or young person or the strategies or interventions they recommended remain relevant or continue to be implemented.


Appendices requested are:

School or educational setting – Appendix B

Health services - Appendix C

Educational Psychologist - Appendix D

Social care services - Appendix E

Parents are also invited to submit further information about their child’s needs as part of the assessment.


Your SEN Assessment Coordinator will arrange a Draft Education, Health and Care Plan Meeting (which will take place by week 16 of the process and will notify professionals, parent/carers and young people of this date.



11.1  Statutory timescales and process for EHC assessment and plan development.

11.2 Appendix B - Schools and Settings

11.3 Appendix C - Health Services

11.4 Appendix D - Educational Psychologist (Pre 16)

11.5 Appendix D - Educational Psychologist (Post 16)

11.6 Appendix E - Social Care Services


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If you are a young person, parent or carer and you think you might need some further information, advice or support contact Supportive Parents, Bristol's SEND Information, Advice and Support service.  For information and support through the EHCP process contact KIDS, Bristol's Independent Support Service.


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