When parent/carers receive the draft Education, Health and Care plan they will be asked to name the school or educational setting that they, or their child, would like to attend. Parent/Carers can contact their SEN Assessment Coordinator to inform them of their preference or this can be discussed at the Draft Education, Health, Care Plan meeting.

When choosing the school or setting it is a good idea to be aware that:

  • You can name any school or setting you like, but if you choose a school or college that is further away than the nearest suitable school or college that can provide the same support then Bristol City Council can name the nearer school.
  • If Bristol City Council agrees to a school or college that is further away, parent/ carers will have to cover the cost of transport to and from school or college if this is further than the statutory walking distance.

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  • If parent/carers/young people are thinking of a specialist setting it will need to be agreed in the Education, Health and Care plan that a specialist setting would be the right place for you or your child. Any requests for special school is considered by the Local authority who seek the Educational Psychologists view on this issue.

Following the Draft EHCP Meeting the document (with any agreed amendments) will be sent to settings as part of the formal consult, with a consult letter and the Appendices. The SEN Assessment Coordinator will send this to:

  • Parent/carers/young person’s choice of setting
  • Closest appropriate setting as deemed by the Local Authority.

The settings are given 15 days to respond to the formal consult stating that they understand what the Local Authority is asking and whether they are able to meet the child/young person’s needs by providing the provisions stated within the Draft EHCP.

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If you are a young person, parent or carer and you think you might need some further information, advice or support contact Supportive Parents, Bristol's SEND Information, Advice and Support service.  For information and support through the EHCP process contact KIDS, Bristol's Independent Support Service.


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