In Bristol, as in other areas, we are working hard to improve our support to disabled children and young people, and those with special educational needs in line with the spirit, as well as the specific guidance of the Children and Families Act (SEND Reforms). Through collaboration and workshops with young people, parent carers and agencies that support them, education, health and social care partners, we are developing our understanding of how best to deliver and support hose changes. As we develop this, we will issue toolkits, in partnership, so that we can work together across Bristol services.  This first toolkit sets out our processes for delivering special educational needs and disability support in education.


We believe all children and young people should be given the best support to be able to achieve their potential and live ordinary lives. We want to make sure the professionals who work with them have the right tools to support them. This toolkit goes part of the way, giving details of processes and forms related to SEND in education.


We also believe in making sure everyone has access to good information and so we have designed this toolkit to be accessible by parent and carers too, helping families and professionals to work in partnership.


All of our process and work to improve the outcomes for disabled children and young people, and those with special educational needs, in Bristol is supported by our SEND Vision. Our vision is to support and empower children and young people to live healthy, independent and fulfilling lives.


As we develop our processes and understanding of how best to support children and young people in Bristol we will update this toolkit. So you can always feel sure you have access up to date information.


I hope you find this toolkit useful and if you have any feedback you would like to give on it please contact me at


Kind Regards,

Carol Watson

Head of Service

Birth to 25 Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young Adults