Every Education, Health and Care plan is reviewed once a year, and this review is due within 12 months of the first final plan or the last annual review. This review takes place during a meeting called an Annual Review.

The setting will arrange the Annual Review meeting and will inform parents/ carers/young person and professionals involved of this date.  At least 2 weeks’ before the meeting is due to happen parents and relevant professionals should be informed and sent copies of any paperwork.


Who’s involved?

  • The child or young person and parent carer
  • Your settings SEN Coordinator or Inclusion Manager
  • Any professionals contacted to attend (by your SEN Coordinator or Inclusion Manager)
  • A member of support services such as KIDS, Supportive Parents if parent/carer/ young person invites them directly (see page 5 for more details on these services).

The purpose of the Annual Review is to:

  • Review the progress towards achieving the outcomes within the EHC plan
  • Review the effectiveness of the educational provision to ensure progress is being made
  • Review the effectiveness of the health and social care provisions
  • Set new short term outcomes to achieve in 12 months.


After the meeting the school or setting sends a copy of the Annual Review and supporting documents to the SEN Team or the PFA Team for Year 11 and older. Based on the reports received, they will decide whether or not the EHC plan needs to be amended and will send a letter to inform young people, parents, carers and settings of the decision.

The EHCP is intended to cover a 2 to 3 year period and should not be changed unless there has been significant changes.

You might want to contact Supportive Parents for information, advice or support around annual reviews.


'EHC plans are not expected to be amended on a very frequent basis. However, an EHC plan may need to be amended at other times where, for example, there are changes in health or social care provision resulting from minor or specific changes in the child or young person’s circumstances, but where a full review or re-assessment is not necessary.'

9.193 DfE (2015) Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice


22.1  EHCP Annual Review Form - Pre 16

22.2  EHCP Annual Review form - Post 16

22.3  Guidance on reviewing an EHC plan - schools

22.4  Guidance on reviewing an EHC plan - Colleges

22.5  EHCP meeting - Post 16 1 to 1 proforma

22.6 Child Contribution to annual or conversion review

22.7 Annual Review for an Statement

22.8 Parental Contribution to an Annual Review

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