Owning your own property.

For some young adults owning your own home is the best way of living independently.  This mean you get a mortgage and you are responsible for paying your bills and looking after your house.


What do I need to know about owning a house?

  • To buy your own home you usually need a mortgage.  A mortgage is an amount of money borrowed from a bank or lender to buy a house.  Usually you make a monthly payment of money to your bank to pay back the money.  You will do this for a fixed period of time, for example 25 years.  Scope has information on the different types or mortgages and borrowing.
  • To buy your own home you usually need a deposit (an amount of money a bank asks for before they will give you a mortgage) and proof that you have a regular income and can pay your mortgage payments.
  • If you own you own home you are unlikely to be able to claim Housing Benefit.
  • There are different ways to buy a house, including shared ownership.  MySafeHome has information on buying your own home.
  • If you decide you no longer want to live in your house will still need to pay the mortgage, by either selling the house or renting it out.  You will need to discuss this with your Bank or lender before making this decision.
Easy Read information from MySafeHome on Shared Ownership.  Learning Disability England has more information on home ownership.


How do I find properties to buy?

Normally when a property is available to buy it is 'put on the market' by the person who owns it.  This means they advertise that the property is available to buy.  You can find properties that are available to buy from:

  • The internet (for example on websites like Rightmove or Zoopla),
  • Estate agents in your local area.  These are people who specialise in selling houses.

Once you have found a property you like the look of you can arrange a visit to see whether you like it in real life and ask any questions you have about buying the property.


More information

The Money Advice Service has information on disabled people's rights to get a mortgage.

Disability Rights UK have information on disabled people's rights to disabled facilities grants and a list of organisations that can give you information and advice around housing.

Mencap has information on different types of housing.


Complaints and disagreements

If you would like to make a complaint against a landlord you can do this through the Housing Ombudsman Service.

If you would like to make a complaint against a Bristol City Council or NHS Service our Complaints and Disagreements page has more information.


This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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