At some point disabled young people will move from children's health services to adult health services.  This page has information on this transition.

When you are an adult (18+) there are new rules about who can make decisions about your care. Your lead professional can explain about Mental Capacity, Best Interest decisions, and your rights to consent to care.


Adult Health Services

These services are open to anyone. If you think you need a service you should ask your GP for advice, or you may be able to approach them directly (self-referral)

  • Community Services (District Nurses, Therapists, equipment, continence etc)
  • Hospital services: (A&E, Outpatients, Planned Care)
  • Public Health: Sexual health, help with substance misuse, giving up smoking, healthy eating
Find out more about GPs.


What is the transition from children's services to adult services?

From 14 onwards your Lead professional or team will develop a Transition Plan with you and your parent or carer.  This Transition Plan will be shared with your GP.  Your GP should help co-ordinate your health care needs, and will be your lead health professional if you no longer have a specialist service Some adult services have rules about who can access them based on your need. Your lead professional will help assess if you meet these criteria If you meet the criteria for a specialist adult service your lead professional will work with that service to manage the transfer of your care.

You can find links to some of these services here, with details of how you qualify for a service from them:

You may be able to get financial support. Your lead professional will refer you for an assessment for:


Other Support

Bristol has many voluntary and community groups who can offer advice, support and activities.  Some of these can be found in your local community, and others may work with people who have particular medical or social needs.

Find out more on Wellaware.


Download the Health Transition Pathway leaflet.

This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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