There are lots of fun things to do in Bristol.  Being a disabled person shouldn't stop you for accessing activities and places you want to use.

You can use the Findability Calendar to look for activities for disabled children and young people.


Young people with a learning disability are able to access may of Bristol's short breaks activities up to the age of 25.  Find out more on the fun things to do and having a break page.


Other ideas

Below are some websites that can give you some ideas for fun things to do. 


Information on facilities

Below are some websites that can give you information on accessible facilities, like disabled toilets, in Bristol.


Your Rights

become an adult dierent piece of law become important. For disabled adults some of the laws that are important are:


The Equality Act 2010

This law makes discrimination against a disabled person illegal

The Care Act 2014

This law makes sure services provide what disabled people need.

The Children and Families Act 2014

If you are in education until the age of 25 this law makes sure your needs are met.



This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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