This page has information on  the High Needs Block (Top Up) and the processes around its administration.

You can download up to date Top Up Paperwork from the Bristol Toolkit - SEND In Education appendix document list (reference TU) or the Top Up page.


Download Top Up Guidance 2017/18


Note:  For the November Panel we are requesting that no NEW BAND 2 applications are made for this panel.  Schools are welcome to submit new applications for BAND 3 funding and above and any BAND 2 reviews that are due.  Any funding that is agreed at the November Top Up Panels will only be agreed for 1 year (there will be no 3 year agreements). 


Top Up dates 

Top Up dates for May 2017 are:

20 October 2017 Names submitted to Trading with Schools email address:
20 Novermber 2017 Top Up Panel - South Bristol City Council Parkview Offices
21 November 2017 Top Up Panel -  East & Central Bristol City Council Parkview Offices
22 November 2017 Top up Panel - North

Bristol City Council Parkview Offices

The address for Bristol City Council Parkview Offices is: Bristol City Council (Parkview), Whitchurch Lane, Hengrove, BS14 0DD.  Please download the Parkview Travel Map for more information.


Top Up Training

Before attending the Top Up Panels in May we are asking for attendees to watch the following videos.  The first is on the Top Up process and the second on chairing a Top up Panel. 



If you need any of these documents in a different format please contact us at


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