SEND Inclusion Audit is an annual audit that supports schools and educational setting to reflect on how they meet their duties in providing Education for children and young people with special educational needs and/or a disability.


How to complete the audit

The audit is in an Excel format. 

There are 2 version of the Audit.

Early Years SEND Inclusion Audit - For settings that provide Education for the under 5s.

Download the Early Years SEND Inclusion Audit (Excel size 341.  This file might take 1 or 2 minutes to download to your computer.)

School's SEND Inclusion Audit - For settings that provide Education for those in primary and secondary school (including 6th forms attached to schools).

Download the School's SEND Inclusion Audit. (Excel size 347.  This file might take 1 or 2 minutes to download to your computer.)


All are encouraged to complete the audit by the 15 May 2017. Audits should be returned to

By the end of term 6 a summary report will be available based on the responses from schools/settings.

Alternative Learning Providers and Post 16 settings (including Colleges) are encourage to complete the School's SEND Inclusion Audit.


How the audit will be used

From the returned audits a report will be made available on what SEND education provision looks like in Bristol.  This will be used by the Inclusion Reference Group to better understand how processes and provision needs to be developed.  The report will be completely anonymised and other schools/settings will not have access to each other’s audits.  Individual returns will also be used by the Inclusion Service during i-reviews with schools/settings.  This will give you the opportunity to discuss any issues that arise from the audit and enable the Inclusion Services visits to be more effective.  All data from schools will be stored in line with the data protection guidelines of Bristol City Council.


Benefits of the audit

By completing and returning the SEND Inclusion Audit you will:

  • Have undertaken a through and in-depth review of the SEND provision and processes in your school/setting against the SEND Reforms;

  • Have a secure knowledge of areas for development in your SEND provision;

  • Be setting a baseline for a year-on-year comprehensive self-evaluation of SEND provision in your setting (which could be used as evidence for Ofsted inspections);

  • Support the identification of good practice in Bristol and where there may be gaps in services and resources;

  • Be supporting the Inclusion Reference Group in better understanding what SEND provision currently looks like and how it needs to develop;

  • Informing and therefore enhancing the support given by educational psychologists from the Inclusion service during their visits.


If you have any problems accessing or completing the audit please contact

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