Bristol City Council keep a list of disabled children in its area.  This is called the Register of Disabled Children. It is for children and young people under 18 years old who live in Bristol and are disabled or have an impairment.

The register helps Bristol City Council to:

  • send you important information if they need to,
  • know where disabled children are living so they can make sure the right services are in the right areas,
  • to understand the disabilities and impairments children in Bristol have.

The register is held by the Disabled Children Services.  All of your personal information is kept safe and secure.


Why should I join the register?

Join the register of disabled children and get:

  • The Pink Card - This card can be used as proof of disability for discounts in shops or activities in Bristol.

  • Findability Newsletters - If you give us your email address we will send you our Findability Newsletter.

  • Updates and Important messages - If you give us your email address we can let you know if something happening to Bristol's services that we think might affect you and/or your child,


How do i join?

To join the register you need to fill in Bristol Register of Disabled Children Registration Form.

Once you have completed your form send it to,



Disabled Children Service (KWHP)

Bristol City Council

PO Box 3176



If you have any questions about the register please contact


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