Keeping safe on the internet.

Lots of young people use the internet, and in an increasing number of ways. It is important to think about how to keep safe on the internet, making sure you don’t share too much personal information and know who to tell if you think you are being cyberbullied. 


Cyber bulling

Cyberbulling is become more common on the internet. This could be through gaming websites, messaging apps and social network sites.

Cyberbullying can be:

  • someone pretending to be you
  • sending rude or offensive messages or purposefully humiliating someone.
  • sharing someone’s personal information without their permission
  • excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Sometimes cyberbullying becomes a crime, depending on the situation. For example is someone is being harassed because of their disability this could be a crime.

Advice on keeping safe on the internet


This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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