These pages explain ways to change how your computer or web browser operates, to make things easier for people who have difficulty seeing.

Changing Your Font

Some people find certain text styles or fonts difficult to read on their computer and on websites. These guides explain how to change the font in your web browser, which will make it easier to surf the internet.

Changing fonts for your browser

How to change text and background colours

Some people find certain text and background colour combinations difficult to read, while others prefer to always have a specific colour, such as white text on a black background.

Changing colours on your computer 

You can also change the colours just on Findability, why not try out our plain text version, high contrast version or dyslexia friendly version.

How to make your text larger

You can make the text on your computer easier to see and read.

Make text larger on your computer

You can also change the text size of the font just on findability, we have a medium and large font size.

How to magnify your screen

If increasing the text size on your operating system or web browser does not make text easy to read, then the next step is to magnify the screen.

Magnify your computer screen

How to make your mouse easier to use

There are a number of ways you can adapt your computer to make it easier to use the mouse.

Make your mouse left handed

Change your double click settings

How to make your computer speak text aloud

The BBC has an excellent section of articles and videos about getting your computer to talk to you. Please visit their page for full details.


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