We want to make sure young people are involved in the development of Bristol Local Offer to make sure services are meeting their needs and aspirations.

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How are young people being involved?

We are have worked at getting young people involved with Bristol's Local Offer.  To make sure were supporting young people to co-produce with us we've written a SEND Youth Participation Strategy. 

SEND Youth Participation Strategy (PDF)

SEND Youth Participation Strategy (Word)

SEND Youth Participation Strategy (Black and White)


The strategy focuses on:

The voice of individual children and young people.
We are working to improve the voice of children and young people in process like Education, Health and Care plans and Child In Need assessments. This is being done through the SEND Improvement and Development plan.
One of the key developments to support this is WIKIs, personalised, private websites that young people and families own, Wikis supports them to collect and share their information from one place and can support young people in advocating their views, needs and aspirations. Wikis provide young people with a way to self-advocate or to advocate with support.

Supporting services to led child and young person’s participation
We want to support services in developing their skills to support the participation of children and young people in their services. To do this we are using ‘AIM for the Stars’, Bristol’s accessibility, inclusion and participation self-evaluation framework. By assessing where services are in their current level of participation services will be supported to develop their understanding and ability to support participation through the Preparing for Adulthood Network and Bristol’s Local Offer Network.

Preparing for Adulthood Action Plan
We recognize the importance of building young people’s capacity to voice their views on the services they use. We will be working to further develop the Listening Partnership, Bristol SEND Youth Participation Forum and working in partnership with other organisations to improve the ability for young people with SEND to take up participation opportunities.


Whose involved?

We have lots of organisations across Bristol helping to support the strategy.   Most importantly we are working with the Listening Partnership.  The Listening Partnership is Bristol SEND Youth Participation Forum.  It makes up one of the 5 youth council equality groups.

Find out more about the Listening Partnership.


Are you going to have a young person Local Offer website?

We asked the Listening Partnership if they wanted a young person Local Offer website.  They suggested that there were better ways of working with young people and we are working with the Listening Partnership to look at the best way of delivering Bristol's Local Offer information.  In the meanwhile we have:

  • Made the text on every page on Findability as close to a reading age of 13 as possible.  This means most young people should be able to read the information instead of having a seperate set of information.  (This also fits in with what the Council for Disabled Children's EPIC group recommends).
  • We have set up a YouTube channel to be able to make videos that explain the content on Findability.  The Listening Partnership told us they use YouTube more than they use websites.
  • We will be setting up a Local Offer Wiki.  Wikis are personalised websites that are part of the personalisation of Education, Health and Care Plans.  We want to make sure Bristol's Local Offer information is available to those who use Wikis.


This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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