The Birth to 25 Integrated Service brings together a number of Bristol City Council services for children and young adults with more complex disability and/or SEN issues. This is so the services can work together effectively and ensure children, young people and their families benefit as much as possible from the SEND reforms, and new approaches such as personal budgets. By having one service to support eligible young adults up to 25 we can plan ahead for adulthood and avoid the worry that moving between adult and children’s services at 18, which can be a difficult period itself for many disabled young people. Importantly these services are now collaborating closely with specialist disabled children’s and therapy services in the Children's Community Health Partnership (CCHP), to make sure services are as joined up as possible.


How do I use the Services?

Individual services are accessed in the same way as before. What children, young people and families should notice is a more person centred approach, more flexibility and offers such personal budgets.  The “Integration” is behind the scenes to make sure we can offer those things. Our integrated teams are focused on children and young people who meet thresholds and require social care support. As previously, these are accessed through First Response if you are not already known to us. This is to make sure if there are other ways we can support you without needing a social work assessment.

First response number: 0117 903 6444
Integrated Teams

We have redesigned our services to bring together assessment services and support to improve flexibility in supporting children, young people and families. These integrated teams include social workers, community care workers, bridging workers (services for which under 18s may previously have known as the Disabled Childrens Service) and we are now recruiting staff to carry out SEN assessments within the same team. The teams directly employed by Bristol City Council are:

Integrated Teams:

Other Bristol City Council teams which are part of the service include:

CCHP teams which are actively included in the collaboration include:


Parent and young person involvement

The other really important part of our collaboration is Bristol Parent Carers who work closely with us on a number of working groups and on our Steering group. We are also developing ways that children and young people can participate directly with us.

Read our Involving Young People page.


Why have we brought together childrens/adults, social care education and health services?

This collaboration aims to work together flexibly, holistically and seamlessly alongside children, young adults and families to:

  • Ensure that the voices of children, young adults and their families are put central stage in how we deliver, plan, and shape services on an individual basis and at a strategic level.
  • Raise aspiration and deliver better outcomes for disabled children and young adults, recognising their uniqueness. To do this we will meet people’s needs more creatively, appropriately and effectively using personal budgets and person centred planning approaches across services.
  • Improve information sharing, joint working and collaboration between services, developing key working for more children, and making best use of changes such as Education Health and Care Plans to deliver seamless, flexible ways to meet children’s needs, within the resources available.
  • Provide one service to support young people and their families from childhood through the transition to adulthood, allowing us to plan in advance and support consistently with a careful and planned move to independence. Where necessary taking a flexible and long term, incremental approach to changes. We know from young people and families how challenging that change is for everyone, and the importance of good planning and positive aspiration that encompasses education, employment and housing for all our children.


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