Our Vision: Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in Bristol are given the best possible help towards a healthy, independent and fulfilling life. Working in partnership across organisational boundaries and with families we identify, support and empower those who need it most.


How we're going to achieve this vision

We are working to the Children, Young People and Families Strategy, the SEND Strategic Vision and the Accessibility Strategy 2017-19 to deliver our vision.  These documents outline how we will work together and what we are working towards.  The SEND Challenge Group, a sub group of the Children and Families Partnership Board, has a special focus on making sure children and young people with SEND and their families achieve the outcomes in the vision. 

To make sure we're going in the right direction every two years we do a self-evaluation of SEND services.  This involves using different types of information to better understand how we are doing from our view and the view of the people who we provide services for.  The SEND self-evaluation 2017 is based on:

  • SEND Survey 2015/16 - A survey for parents, carers and young people to get their view of the services they use.
  • SEND Deep Dive 2017 - This is a detailed look at how we are meeting our duties. This deep dive was based on the SEND Inspection Handbook.
  • A review of the previous SEND Improvement and Development Plan 2015-17

The SEND Improvement and Development Plan is a document that helps us to plan the steps we need to take next to make our services better.  This plan is monitored and overseen by the SEND Challenge Group.

SEND Self-Evaluation 2017

From the SEND Self-Evaluation the top 5 things we think we're doing well are:

  1. We’ve increased the number of services we commission jointly between education, health and social care. We have also increased individual joint commissioning.

  2. We’ve developed clearer information about SEND in Education through the Bristol Toolkit.The toolkit provides information for professionals and families and is available online from the updated Findability.

  3. We launched the first SEND Survey for parents, carers and young people to help us make sure we are meeting their needs and aspirations.This will now be an annual survey.

  4. Our Designated Clinical Officer is in post and is supporting EHCPs to be personalised to individual needs.We are also doing really well in completing EHCPs within 20 weeks and getting assessments from health professionals.

  5. We’ve aligned the 2 years old Health check and the Early Years Education check so Early Years Practioners and Health Visitors are working closer together.We’ll be looking to extend this to other assessment in the future.

What's next?

Over the next two years we think we need to:

  • Improve SEN Support & EHCP processes across Education, Health and Social Care, including developing personal budgets.
  • Develop a SEND Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Chapter and improve our use of data.
  • Improve information sharing across Education, Health and Social Care
  • Improve participation of young people in service development and of personalisation through statutory processes.
  • Improve family’s access to early intervention information, advice and guidance, including the promotion of our Local Offer website, Findability
  • Further develop our Post 16 pathway (Preparation for Adulthood)


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