This page has information on the different places you can get support for equipment and adaptations from if you have a disabled child or young person.


Home Adaptations and Specialist Equipment

If your child has difficulty getting into and around your home, sitting independently, transferring between bed, chair, toilet and bath or with staying safe in the home or garden, the Disabled Children OT Servce maybe able to help.


Bristol Communication Aid Service (BCAS)

For specialist assessment, training and wheelchair mounting services for the use of Communication Aids.


Wheelchair Service

Wheelchairs and wheelchair seating for long-term mobility needs, including manual and powered wheelchairs and on-going equipment maintenance.


Environmental Controls

Electronic assistive technology for people with physical impairments.



For artificial limbs and fitting them.



equipment to help support and control movement, for example, spinal braces, footwear and insoles.



helping disabled people exchange their mobility allowance for a new car, mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.


Whizz Kidz

Powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, trikes and buggies to give young people with a physical disability independence.


This page has information for residents in the City of Bristol.  Find out about what other Local Authorities do.

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