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Leading Light
About the Organisation

Many people experience different forms of anxiety in social situations, from fears of public speaking to dread of meeting new people, job interviews, dating, speaking on the phone, meetings at work, or worrying about showing physical signs of nervousness. In fact, around 13 people in 100 feel socially anxious and don't know that it's highly treatable.

If this is inhibiting you in your own life, you're not alone and help is at hand. What most people don't realise is that it's highly treatable and clinical studies have proven several therapeutic techniques to be successful in overcoming the problem long term.

Leading Light runs a series of events hosted by group of leading alternative practitoners & therapists who have packaged some of these techniques into a series of mini workshops that you will be invited to attend throughout the day long events hosted all over the UK.

Each workshop will provide you with an overview of the technique, how it works, what's involved and what the success rates are.

You'll be left with a practical understanding of each therapy and enough information to make a choice about what's right for you.

Everyone can do with a little confidence boost so bring a friend along.

Events for
Parents and Carers Children and Young People (Birth – 25 years old) Other Services
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Address 1
Flat 5
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197 Kingsway
St George, Bristol

Organisation last updated on 22/07/2016

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